Claire Vandiver was born in Nashville, Tn the "Music City". It was only fitting that she would turn out to be a singer. She recalls singing her whole life and somehow always being involved in music. Claire moved to Florida at a young age. Growing up in a musical family she was influenced and exposed to many styles of music. Claire’s father Chip Vandiver, is an accomplished blues/southern rock guitar player who co-writes and accompanies Claire at her gigs. Claire has been honing her craft playing gigs for the past six years at many venues in the Florida area.  After high school Claire attended Daytona State College where she was enrolled in their music production program for a few semesters. She then decided to focus on her career full time. Little did she know she would meet a fellow class mate and graduate of the program, Lamar Hickley, who would be instrumental in the recording of her Ep. Recently Claire opened up for folk artist Heather Maloney, at Café 11 in St-Augustine FL. Claire released her debut Ep "Hot Blood" July 1st 2016. It can be found digitally on iTunes and Amazon music. Physical copy's can be ordered through the store link

Singer/ Songwriter Claire Vandiver's voice in one word “ Angelic”. Her electric soulful voice fills the room. Claire's sound is a mixture of every soulful singer you have heard. There is a Blues influence with a modern pop sensibility that conveys pure emotion in her delivery. Born in Nashville Tn Claire currently resides in the Central Florida area.

Since the age of sixteen, Claire has played countless venues, along with her father, guitar player Chip Vandiver. January 2018 "Is This Goodnight" single was released on ITunes and Spotify. A music video of the song, " Is This Goodnight", can be found on Vevo and Youtube. The video was shot in New York City. The song was recorded at Zk Production in Atlanta Ga and produced by award winning multi-platinum producers, Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount. There will be more singles and videos released in the coming months. Previously, in 2016, Claire released a five song EP on ITunes and Spotify titled HOTBLOOD, featuring the single, CRAZE.